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About Bright Kids Edutainment

Bright Kids Edutainment, LLC. was founded by Educator, Christopher B. Spence. While working as the Program Coordinator at a Reggio-Inspired preschool in South Carolina, Christopher began to develop a "radio personality" (DJ Pre-K) when making his daily weather reports over the intercom. He wanted to make the reports more animated and engaging, and very quickly DJ Pre-K became a "fan favorite" of the children, families, and teachers at his preschool. Christopher decided to create a way to share his love for "good, clean music" and his upbeat personality with the rest of the world, so he developed a company that would combine the liveliness of DJ Pre-K with his passion for music, educating young children, and training other educators. That is how Bright Kids Edutainment was born! Bright Kids Edutainment, featuring DJ Pre-K, has been bringing entertainment and excitement to the children and families of the Carolinas since February of 2019.  In 2023, Christopher added Early Care and Education Trainings to his list of provided services by becoming a Certified Trainer.

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