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Enrichment Programs

We offer Enrichment Programs that are designed for school-aged children in after school programs or summer camps. Our Enrichment Programs highlight music production, beat-making, and the impact music has had on our society through the decades. Each of these programs ends with a DANCE PARTY that incorporates the music genres & songs that the students learned about during our session.


The Music Production & Beat-making Program introduces children to various music genres and instruments used in Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) music production. Students will collaborate to determine the tempo, topic, instruments and lyrics they will use to create an original song.


The Blast from the Past Program dives into the top artists, fashions, dances, and songs of each decade (from the 1950s to modern-day music). This enrichment program introduces children to some of our favorite styles & tunes from the past to the present while educating them on the ways some of the most prolific entertainers of each decade used their platform to bring the nation together through music.

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